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SEALCOATING will more than DOUBLE the life of your asphalt - saving you $$$ - and enhancing your property with a fresh, new-looking appearance. 
At Warren & Warren Asphalt Paving LLC in Foxworth, Mississippi, we know that an asphalt surface can deteriorate rapidly to unsealed or improperly sealed asphalt!  
Why Sealcoat? 
Asphalt has many natural enemies. Normal traffic is not an enemy to properly designed and constructed asphalt pavement. Surface wear is primarily the result of weathering, oxidation, and the destructive softening effect of gasoline, oil, and chemical de-icers. 
What happens? 
Sunlight and moisture are the major causes of surface deterioration. Without proper protection, surfaces oxidize, permitting the aggregate in the asphalt mix to wash away. 
Unprotected asphalt loses desired resiliency, aggregate travels from the surface, the pavement roughens, and the surface becomes brittle. 
Untended asphalt will age before your very eyes. Progressive weakening of neglected asphalt caused by the sun and rain can reduce the life of an asphalt surface by as much as 50% in just five years.

Why Use Asphalt Instead of Concrete?

Though concrete was once used for paving roads, parking lots, and other projects, asphalt paving is the preferred choice today.  To begin to understand why asphalt paving is superior to concrete paving, one should know how asphalt and concrete are made.

Concrete is made using aggregate (like crushed rock and sand), along with cement and water. The cement acts as the binder in concrete, holding the aggregate together. As the mixture dries, it forms a stiff, unforgiving solid that is prone to cracking and breaking, especially if the surface beneath it is not perfectly smooth.

Like concrete, asphalt is made using aggregate. Its binder, however, is bitumen; a dark, sticky substance derived from crude oil. When roads, parking lots, or driveways are built using asphalt construction, hot asphalt (bitumen mixed with fine aggregate) is poured onto a bed of heavier aggregate and then pressed into it with a steamroller. Once the asphalt cools to the surrounding air temperature, it is strong enough to withstand automobile traffic. While asphalt is extremely hard and durable, it offers enough flexibility to accommodate imperfections in underlying surfaces, a feature that concrete sorely lacks.
The advantages of asphalt paving over concrete or cement are plentiful. One of those advantages is that removal and replacement of damaged asphalt is a simple and relatively easy process compared to concrete. Asphalt is also a 100% recyclable product.
​Due to the heavy demand of asphalt for recycling purposes, you will rarely find this material taking up valuable and limited landfill space. Asphalt construction projects can be finished and opened for traffic much faster and with a lot lower expense than concrete construction projects. Maintenance and repair of asphalt pavement are also faster and less costly than that of cement pavement.

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